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I need prayers for me and my family. I lost my dad May 6th of this year. My family and I are struggling with grief please pray for God to help us during this difficult time! Thank you


Please pray for the hell my mom is causing for no reason. I'm too old to be dealing with the malice and grief she is constantly causing in my life yet I feel trapped due to her being disabled and I feel that I can't leave her alone here. I need a divine intervention to help me with this. She loves to stir up the drama to the degree that after she tells huge lies to the rest of the family about me and my family, they're trying to come to our home with guns and acting just insane. I'm 45, I can't handle this anymore. I've lived this all of my life. I'm here only to help her, which I try my best to do everything she needs. She's a very hard woman who loves violence and cursing, she loves keeping all the negativity going. I admitted something horrible today during my anger, if I was honest to the core I don't think I would even take it back, it's just how I feel about her, what she does & how she behaves! I'm begging for the spirit of Jesus Christ to pass through this place and fill out hearts. I'm not sure how much longer I can take this. Please pray we are able to get a home very soon.


I have finally started earning Enough money to afford a home of my own. I would love prayer regarding home ownership. I also ask for prayer over my three sons, Gavin, Garrett & Ashton - please pray with me that the Lord will guide them, open their hearts to HIS journey in their lives! Also, for my mom to have a right spirit (she's connected to the Lord but she has a flip side, it's so much to handle- I am the only child of hers that stays around to help her, she's disabled physically but the true disability is her spirit!) Please pray over my marriage. I love him, he loves me but we get on each other's nerves like nobody's business! I just would love more than anything to have a happy God filled HOME, LIFE WITH MY BOYS, A LOVE FILLED MARRIAGE AND A MOM THATS A LIL MORE SWEETER! Thank YOU bunches ❤️🙏💐


Prayer for my son fighting addiction,,prayers for grace and mercy on my home life,,,my family ,,,,


I'm asking god to give me victory over people that hate me, steal from me and hurt me. I'm praying that my soul will be saved from Lucifer or satan. I pray that I will be healed emotionally and physically of all illnesses or sickness, and I pray for more friends then enemies.